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Partnerships and Volunteers

We believe in the power of collaboration. Through authentic cultural exchanges between schools in the USA and Senegal, we have fostered understanding and friendship. Our International Women’s Leadership Summit provides a platform for women from Senegal and The Gambia to share their entrepreneurial experiences. We have also supported orphanages, provided meals for students, sponsored young women’s leadership training, and collected and distributed used eyeglasses, among many other initiatives.

Become a Volunteer

Looking for a meaningful way to give back? Join Project Safety Nets and be part of a transformative journey! We’re seeking dedicated volunteers to join our mission in Education, Health, Economic Development, and administrative support. As a volunteer, you can make a tangible difference by mentoring, providing healthcare services, supporting entrepreneurship initiatives, and assisting with day-to-day operations. Whether you’re helping children access education, distributing essential supplies, or contributing your administrative skills, your unique talents will be valued and impactful. Join us today and become a driving force behind the positive transformation. Click on this link to explore volunteer opportunities and join our incredible team! Together, we can make a difference.

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