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We are dedicated to helping individuals in developing communities create sustainable lifestyles through Education, Health, and Economic Development, our “Three Pillars.” We help our volunteers to find purpose, our recipients to thrive in spite of their challenges, while developing meaningful relationships  and authentic cultural connections.

Three Pillars


"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."  - Nelson Mandela


One Imam in the town of Rufisque said, "Giving us a mosquito bed net is saying, Here is life!"

Economic Development

"Give a Man a fish and you feed his for a day; teach a Man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime," Maimonides

  • kits with washable pads so that over 500 girls in Senegal and The Gambia can attend school during their menstrual cycle.
  • Authentic cultural exchange between schools in the USA through pen pal letter writing.
  • Host Girls/Women Conference that attracts over 100 girls and their mothers annually.
  • Funded over $60,000 in academic supplies/equipment.
  • Provided meals for students and cosponsored a school lunch program.
  • Provided computers and internet services at school.
  • Improved school security system, including repairing the wall around the compound and installing a security gate.
  • Offer support for teachers, built administrative building, anti-parasitic and anti-malaria medicine, and Vitamin A drops to help improve students’ health.
  • Sponsored Young Women’s Leadership Training program to train 28 women in transferable skills and entrepreneurship.
  • Established and maintained a 20-bed maternity ward to combat the infant mortality rate.
  • Led 13 medical missions with medical doctors offering services to underserved populations.
  • Distributed over 29,000 pre-treated mosquito bed nets and educated residents about malaria prevention.
  • Donated over $40,000 of medical equipment and supplies to support medical centers.
  • Provided mental health training to healers in Senegal to enhance trauma healing practices.
  • Collected and distributed over 15,000 pairs of used eyeglasses.
  • Support orphanages through financial assistance, baby supplies, medicine, food, formula, etc.
  • Given 450 micro-loans and worked with men, women, and people with disabilities to start businesses and create jobs to support their families.
  • Hired women to make and distribute 2,500 masks during COVID-19.
  • Funded micro-loans for people with leprosy who are considered to be the outcast of society so they can start and build businesses.
  • Provided sewing machines to establish two sewing centers.
  • Currently seeking land and building a skill center for the Jappalente Women’s Association.

Project Safety Nets welcomes collaboration and encourages individuals and organizations to join their cause. They aim to expand their impact through partnerships and support and continue creating sustainable change.