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Ways to Give at Project Safety Nets

We sincerely appreciate your interest in supporting our mission to empower communities and transform lives globally. Your willingness to make a difference is truly inspiring.

Our work is organized around three key pillars—Education, Health, and Economic Development. Each contribution you make has a direct and meaningful impact in these areas:

  • $600: Sponsors paper for Citi Radio Elementary School for an entire year, supporting students’ learning
  • $1,800: Sponsors hygiene kits (washable pads) for 6th-grade girls and Girls Conference, promoting women’s health
  • $1,200: Sponsors lunch and anti-parasitic medicine for 650 students, promoting health and education
  • $500: Supports medical supplies for the medical center & maternity ward, enhancing healthcare access
  • $500: Supports a community clean-up sanitation project, fostering a healthy environment
  • $700: Sponsors a meal for people with leprosy, ensuring their well-being
  • $1,000: Sponsors the Orphanage to purchase milk and baby supplies, ensuring the well-being of young members
  • $2,000: Helps purchase 1000 mosquito bed nets to fight against malaria, safeguarding lives
  • $3,500: Sponsors the building of a well at the Great Mission International Orphanage in Ghana, providing clean water access
  • $250: Sponsors the shipment of one barrel of supplies, reaching those in need
  • $1,500: Empowers 28 young women with leadership training and trade skills, equipping them for a brighter future
  • $2,000: Sponsors micro-loans for ten persons with leprosy to create sustainable lifestyles
  • $4,000: Supports micro-loans for 20 women entrepreneurs with the Jappalente Women’s Association
  • $10,000: Sponsors the property purchase for the Skill/Community Center, fostering skills development

Other Ways You Can Help


  • Conduct a drive to collect clean, used eyeglasses: prescription, reading glasses, and sunglasses in good condition.
  • Over-the-counter medicine: Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Aspirin, Tums/Antacids, Children’s Vitamins, Pre-Natal Vitamins, Vitamin B, C, D, A&D ointment, Diaper Rash Crème, Cough Medicine, Wound Care Items, Blood Pressure Monitors, Nebulizers, Thermometers (must have at least 6 months to expiration, no personal prescriptions)
  • Connect with hospitals or other medical supply companies for donations
  • Ask dentists for toothbrushes and toothpaste
  • Collection for the People with Leprosy:
    • 100 pairs of socks 
    • ChapSticks
    • Flip flop shoes
    • Washcloths


  • Collect: Pencils, pens, markers, crayons
  • We are in need of 50 laptops for Citi Radio Elementary School’s Technology Lab with 650 students and 12 classrooms
  • Arrange sew-a-thon to make hygiene kits for girls (including washable pads)
  • Donate fabric or finances to sponsor a sew-a-thon
  • 100 pairs of panties for hygiene kits
  • Donate a drawstring backpack for Bags of Hope

Economic Development

  • We are helping our women to establish two sewing centers. We have 6 sewing machines already donated. We are collecting more sewing machines in good working conditions. We are raising $800 to help purchase supplies and shipment of the machines. This will provide the women with a trade.

Additional ways to support

  • Help us get the word out:
    • Share and retweet our posts
    • Follow all of our social media sites
    • Help us connect with media to be interviewed for radio/TV/Podcasts/LIVES/magazines
  • Help us find financial supporters
  • Inquire if your company/organization provides matching funds for non-profit organizations.
  • Help us identify individuals who can fundraise for our projects
  • Use your vocation/occupation to help us operate better
  • Help us with administrative tasks & social media awareness

Thank you for being a driving force in shaping a brighter future for individuals in developing communities. Your support matters more than words can express.