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Join us on our mission to make a lasting impact!

Your support is essential in transforming lives and empowering communities through Project Safety Nets’ Sponsorship Program. As a valued sponsor, you can be a driving force in creating positive change and providing hope for those in need.

Project Safety Nets Sponsorship Program: Empowering Communities, Changing Lives

Each sponsorship level is inspired by cultural symbolism from West Africa, representing different qualities and values that align with Project Safety Nets’ mission to empower, educate, and uplift communities. Sponsors can choose which pillar—Education, Health, or Economic Development—they wish to support. Here are the meanings behind each sponsorship level:

Bernde Level Sponsor ($10,000 and above)

Using “Bernde Level” as the name for the highest sponsorship tier embodies the essence of Teranga, which means hospitality in Senegal. Just like the spirit of “Bernde,” the sponsor at this level epitomizes boundless giving and being of service without conditions. They are highly esteemed for their contribution to Project Safety Nets and their unwavering commitment to empowering and transforming the lives of individuals and communities in West Africa. This sponsorship level exemplifies the profound impact and influence that the sponsor has in driving positive change and creating a brighter future for those in need.

  • All benefits from the Adinkra, Sankofa, Kente, and Baobab Sponsor levels.
  • Special recognition as a Bernde Sponsor in our annual report and other publications.
  • Exclusive access to behind-the-scenes updates and progress reports on our projects.
  • An invitation to participate in high-level strategy sessions and contribute to shaping our future initiatives.
  • Cultural Token: A bronze Monument de la Renaissance statue symbolizing strength and transformation.
Adinkra Level Sponsor ($5,000 - $9,999)

Adinkra symbols are visual representations of concepts and proverbs in Akan culture. Each symbol carries its own meaning and wisdom. Adinkra Level Sponsors embody wisdom, compassion, and empowerment, providing essential resources and opportunities for progress.

  • All benefits from the Sankofa, Kente, and Baobab Sponsor levels.
  • An exclusive recognition plaque proudly displaying your name or company logo.
  • Priority access to join our mission trips and witness firsthand the impact of your support.
  • Cultural Token: A table runner with fringed edges adorned with Adinkra symbols, representing wisdom and empowerment.


Sankofa Level Sponsor ($2,500 - $4,999)

“Sankofa” is an Akan word meaning “go back and get it.” It symbolizes the importance of learning from the past to build a better future. Sankofa Level Sponsors recognize the significance of investing in education and learning, contributing to the growth and development of individuals and communities.

  • All benefits from the Kente and Baobab Sponsor levels.
  • Recognition at our major events and fundraisers as a Sankofa Sponsor, gaining exposure to a wider audience.
  • A unique opportunity to engage with our team and beneficiaries through a virtual meet-and-greet session.
  • Cultural Token: A handcrafted Sankofa bird carving or sand painting symbolizing the wisdom of learning from the past.


Kente Level Sponsor ($1,000 - $2,499)

Kente cloth is a colorful, handwoven fabric originating from Ghana. It represents cultural heritage, prestige, and unity. Kente Level Sponsors exemplify their commitment to preserving traditions and building bridges of solidarity, supporting initiatives that celebrate diversity and foster unity.

  • All benefits from the Baobab Sponsor level.
  • A featured spot in our newsletter, reaching hundreds of supporters and stakeholders.
  • A special thank-you video from our team highlighting the difference you’re making.
  • Cultural Token: A beautiful scarf made from authentic kente cloth, symbolizing cultural heritage and unity.


Baobab Level Sponsor ($500 - $999)

The Baobab tree is known as the “Tree of Life” in West Africa. It symbolizes strength, longevity, and resilience. Just as the Baobab tree provides essential resources and support to communities, Baobab Level Sponsors contribute foundational support to our projects, helping them thrive and make a lasting impact.

  • Recognition on our website as a Baobab Sponsor, showcasing your commitment to creating positive change.
  • A personalized certificate of appreciation recognizing your valuable support.
  • Quarterly updates on your sponsorship impact on the lives of those we serve.
  • Invitation to our exclusive online events, providing insights into our projects and initiatives.
  • Social media shout-outs showcasing your dedication to transforming communities.
  • Cultural Token: A Baobab charm or lapel pin symbolizing strength and resilience.


As a sponsor at any of these levels, you empower communities and positively impact lives. Together, we celebrate the cultural richness and diversity of the region while striving to create a brighter future for all.

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