2nd Principle of Kwanzaa

Kujichagulia in Action: Empowering Through Microloans

At Project Safety Nets we wholeheartedly embrace the second principle of Kwanzaa: Kujichagulia, or self-determination. We believe in empowering individuals to take charge of their destinies and create positive change in their communities. One powerful way we achieve this is through our microloan program.

Through our partnerships with the Japplante Women’s Association and individuals affected by leprosy and other disabilities, we provide microloans that enable them to start or expand small businesses. What makes this program remarkable is the unwavering commitment of the borrowers.

In the case of Japplante Women’s Association, the bonds of unity and trust within the group are extraordinary. They support each other not only financially but also emotionally. This commitment to one another and to maintaining their dignity fuels their determination to repay these loans.

Even more inspiring is our partnership with individuals affected by leprosy and other disabilities. Despite the stigma they often face, they are diligent in repaying their loans. Their resilience and determination to rebuild their lives demonstrate the true spirit of Kujichagulia.

Through microloans, we’re not just providing financial support; we’re fostering self-determination. These individuals and groups are taking control of their futures, breaking barriers, and proving that with determination, anything is possible. Kujichagulia is not just a principle; it’s a reality we witness every day through the incredible journeys of those we serve.